Image and framing effects on perceptions of self-efficacy and body satisfaction

Len-Ríos, M. E., & Lee, Y.-I.(Grady PhD student)(2017, May). Image and framing effects on perceptions of self-efficacy and body satisfaction: Messaging to encourage employees to participate in wellness programs. Paper to be presented at the Health Communication Division, International Communication Association, San Diego, CA.

Abstract: This study, in the context of encouraging participants to enroll in a company’s employee wellness program, uses gain-loss framing (Rothman & Salovey, 1997) and social comparison theory (Festinger, 1954) to examine the effects of messages on participant perceptions of self-efficacy for maintaining a healthy weight, consuming healthful foods and body satisfaction. A 2 (framing: gain vs. loss) x 2 (images: professional model vs. everyday person) x 1 (control group) between-subjects experiment (N = 204) revealed no significant main effects. Interaction effects for predicting maintaining a healthy weight and body satisfaction were significant. Simple effects analysis shows that the loss-framed messaging accounts for the effects, whereby loss frames with imagery of the everyday person leads to higher self-efficacy and higher body satisfaction, compared to imagery of a professional model after accounting for related covariates.

María E. Len-Ríos 

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