Effects of Social Cognition on Influencer Advertising: From the Perspective of SCM and BIAS Map

Paper accepted for Presentation at the 2020 American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Conference in San Diego, CA.

Abstract : This research examined how visual presentation of social media influencers affects consumers’ social cognition and the effectiveness of influencer advertising. Using the theoretical frameworks of the Stereotype Content Model (SCM) and the Behaviors from Interpersonal Affect and Stereotypes (BIAS) Map, Study 1 demonstrated that influencers with bigger smiles were perceived as warm and competent and were evaluated more positively than less smiling influencers. Study 2 revealed that warmth and competence judgments led to admiration toward the smiling influencers, which in turn resulted in positive attitudinal and behavioral responses to their advertising posts. By investigating the mediating effects of judgments and emotional responses toward influencers, this study reveals social cognitive mechanisms underlying consumers’ processing of influencer advertising.

Glenna Read  Taeyeon Kim