Building Trust

Reber, Bryan H., Cacciatore, Michael and Ries, Tonia (Edelman), “Building Trust: The Drivers of Trust Around the Globe.” Webinar presented to Public Relations Society of America members, February 18, 2016.

Abstract: Trust is essential in dealing with publics. Since 2000, Edelman has measured what drives trust across organizations and countries, comparing the perceived importance of trust drivers between a group of developed economies and a group of emerging economies over a five-year timeframe. Overall, the longitudinal comparison from 2011 to 2015 examined which drivers — including engagement, integrity, products, purpose and operations — are stable predictors of trust among surveyed publics in these countries.

This webinar will take a long look at the constant drivers of trust across time and place, as well as the implications for measuring trust within your publics and for developing campaigns aimed at reinforcing or building trust. You will learn:

• To identify the most consistent drivers of trust among publics.
• How to measure whether trust has been built or reinforced between an organization and its key publics.
• To develop the most effective elements of a public relations campaign aimed at building or reinforcing trust between an organization and its key publics.

Bryan H. Reber  Michael Cacciatore