Book: The Changing Education for Journalism and the Communication Occupations: The Impact of Labor Markets

Lee Becker & Tudor Vlad, (2020), Dinamica educației pentru profesiile din jurnalism și comunicare. Impactul pieței forței de muncă, Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Scoala Ardeleana Publishing House. It is the version in Romanian of the book The Changing Education for Journalism and the Communication Occupations: The Impact of Labor Markets (2018), revised, adapted, and with notes for readers in East and Central Europe.

Abstract: This book provides a unique perspective on journalism and communication education, drawing on extensive, detailed data across time to examine the evolution of education for journalism and related communication occupations such as public relations and advertising. It demonstrates how journalism and communication education adapted to forces within the university as well as forces from outside the university. Particular attention is given to the impact of the labor markets to which journalism and communication education is linked. Part history, part sociological analysis, this book will change the reader’s understanding of education for journalism, public relations, advertising and the related occupations. Though most of the data come from the United States, the book offers a broad perspective of international journalism and mass communication education and offers insights about what the future of education in these fields holds.

Lee B. Becker  Tudor Vlad 

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