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London: Routledge.

Tench, R., Meng, J., & Moreno, A. (eds.) (2022). Strategic Communication in a Global Crisis: National and International Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic. London: Routledge.

Juan Meng 

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Breaking the sound of silence: Explication in the use of strategic silence in crisis communication

Abstract: Crises present organizations with the “rhetorical exigency” to enact control (Heath, 2004, p.167). Silence is not an option. This study, as the first empirical examination of Le et al. (2019)’s seminal study on silence in crisis communication, examines, first, if silence can be strategically used as a bona fide strategy; second, under what circumstances should silence be […]

Sung In ChoiYan JinYoungji SeoBryan H. Reber
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Beyond Fear Appeals: The Role of Hope in Improving Effectiveness of Health Messages.” Paper accepted for poster by Communicating Science, Health, Environment, and Risk Division

Abstract: One of the understudied areas in health communication research is hope. This study examines the effect of efficacy-inducing information on hope and subsequent attitudinal health behaviors. A total of five hundred fifty-three adults in the United States read health promotion social media posts designed to induce perceived self-efficacy (vs. non-efficacy-inducing health information) in fear-appeal […]

Bartosz WojdynskiYoungji SeoJeongHyun (Janice) Lee
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