NaYoung Song takes on Crisis Communication

Headshot of NaYoung Song and caption headline reading Nayoung Song takes on Crisis Communication at UGA
NaYoung Song is an Integrated Advertising and Public Relations master’s student and works as an intern in the UGA Office of Marketing and Communications. (Photo: courtesy of NaYoung Song)

NaYoung Song takes on Crisis Communication

November 17, 2023

After completing her bachelor’s degree at Korea University, NaYoung Song decided to attend the University of Georgia to receive her master’s, becoming the inaugural scholar in a partnership between the universities. With an undergraduate degree in Media and Communications, Song was interested in becoming more specialized in Public Relations and gaining professional experience. 

Song is an Integrated Advertising and Public Relations master’s student and works as an intern in the UGA Office of Marketing and Communications under Greg Trevor, Associate Vice President and University Spokesperson. In this role, she compiles, summarizes and reports on ongoing and emerging issues at UGA or other higher education institutions. 

“I don’t think a lot of people think students could be involved in crisis communication roles,” Song said. “The Crisis Communication Think Tank and this internship have given those types of opportunities. I get to provide different insights about how students feel towards crisis problems on campus.”

Apart from being the first student to complete a joint BA/MA from KU and UGA, Song is the first to fill her role as a crisis intern. She appreciates sharing a student’s perspective on crisis situations and getting to meet and learn from many people within UGA’s communication department. She is also a member of the Crisis Insights & Analytics Lab at Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

“When I first met her in summer 2022 for an interview in Korea, I immediately appreciated her qualities as a student and as a person. As I was searching for the inaugural participant of the cooperative BA-MA program between UGA and Korea University (KU), I hoped to meet a candidate who is intelligent, inquisitive, and passionate, all wrapped up in a good-hearted individual,” said Dr. Jooyoung Kim, Director of James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research, Dan Magill Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Sports Communications and Professor of Advertising. “She was exactly that person. She has successfully adapted to our program and is now completing her one-year portion of the program.”

Song hopes to pursue a career in crisis or health communications after she graduates. She is utilizing her time as an intern to prepare for the real world and gain more tangible experience in crisis communications. 

“Members of the Grady faculty highly recommended NaYoung for this position, based on her outstanding academic credentials as well as her extensive knowledge of crisis communication. I am pleased to say that NaYoung has exceeded even those lofty expectations,” Greg Trevor said.  “I have been particularly impressed with her ability to aggregate, synthesize and analyze complex crisis communication issues, and present her recommendations to both academics and practitioners in a compelling and convincing manner. It is truly a privilege to work with her.”

Song advises students to reach out to professors to show interest in course material. She said by going to office hours or asking questions, students can stand out and take greater strides towards their career goals. 

Song’s parting words were: “Believe in yourself. Pursue whatever you want and don’t be afraid.”

Author: Kathryn Penn,