Fitzco helps students earn Google Ads Certification

Fitzco helps students earn Google Ads Certification

April 27, 2022

This spring, I had the privilege of participating in the 2022 Fitzco Google Ads Certification Program, directed by Dr. Joe Phua, a wonderful Advertising professor here at Grady College.

Fitzco is an incredible, full-service advertising agency based out of Atlanta. Throughout the three-month experience, we were able to connect with and learn from Fitzco employees in the Digital Media Department. During the program, my team, led by Schuyler O’Malley and Richa Das, ran a Google search campaign for the Sports Media Institute. It was incredible to learn the tips and tricks of using Google’s search engine to organically advertise. Whether it be general guidelines or best targeting practices, this hands-on experience greatly helped my professional development.

Students receive Google Ads Certification training from team members at Fitzco.
Logan Frost (ABJ ’15) and his team speak in front of students participating in the Google Ads Certification Program. (Photo: Jackson Schroeder)

In this program, students are tasked with completing the Google Ads Certification on Google Skillshop. This course is very valuable in terms of understanding how to run a campaign, as it teaches everything from specifying keywords all the way to understanding your bidding strategies.

We also got to choose a second certification to complete. Thanks to the guidance of my team leaders, I chose the Google Ads Video Certification. This program gave me a fundamental understanding of advertising on YouTube and Google Video.

As an Advertising student who is interested in a career in digital media, this program helped me gain real-world experience with common digital platforms. Throughout the program, I was able to show my passion for these topics, which led to me interviewing and accepting a position in Fitzco’s Digital Media Department. I am incredibly grateful to both Grady College and Fitzco for sponsoring this program and allowing me to pursue my passion.

Fitzco’s own Logan Frost (ABJ ’15), one of the mentors and coordinators, also completed this program while at UGA and now works in media at the company.

This opportunity has allowed me to connect with other Grady students interested in digital media, and I cannot recommend pursuing this opportunity enough to future students. I really hope to be able to participate in this program next year, from the other side, and give future participants the incredible experience I was able to have.

Logan Frost poses for a picture with Hogan Scoggins.
Hogan Scoggins (right) has accepted a job offer from Fitzco and will start following graduation in May. (Photo: Jackson Schroeder)

Editor’s Note: Thank you to Hogan Scoggins, a participant in the Fitzco Google Ads Certification program, for sharing the following reflection of his experience with the program this semester. Scoggins is a fourth-year Advertising major from Dacula, Georgia.