Charlotte Norsworthy profiled as UGA Amazing Student

Charlotte Norsworthy profiled as UGA Amazing Student

February 11, 2020

Charlotte Norsworthy has already racked up two bachelor’s degrees, numerous awards and scholarships and is now working on her master’s in journalism. Her passion is communication — presenting information in an understandable way — because she believes knowledge is power.

Norsworthy received her Bachelor’s degree in journalism in 2019. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in journalism and expects to graduate later in 2020.

“Since graduating from UGA in spring 2019, I decided I couldn’t leave Athens,” Norsworthy said. “I am back as a master’s student studying journalism. I am currently serving as the Morris Master’s Fellow for the Cox Institute. One of the best decisions I could have made was sticking around the best university in the world.”

She says through her involvement with the Cox Institute and her journalism classes, she has formed a great bond with journalism professor Keith Herndon.

“I have traveled across the U.S., co-edited a book, co-written academic conference papers, received fellowships with The New York Times’ Ian Urbina and NPR, hosted a podcast, received scholarships and even received my current graduate assistantship, all because of Dr. Herndon’s support,” said Norsworthy. “He has truly made my time at UGA extraordinary because he is extraordinary.”

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