Student Lodging

Students will stay two to a room in a small furnished apartment in Juan Les Pins. The apartment includes:

  • Linens: twin-sized sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, and hand towels. (Clean linens provided once a week)
  • Appliances: two-eye stove top, microwave, mini-fridge, coffee pot, (no stove)
  • Kitchen items: pots and pans, dishes, eating utensils, cups, mugs, etc.
  • TV
  • 1 full-sized bathroom to share
  • 1 small balcony
  • 1 clothes wrack for drying clothes
  • NOT INCLUDED: toilet paper, paper towels, food, spices, soap, clothes iron, etc. (Students are responsible for purchasing these items themselves). **Note, this is an apartment and not a hotel. Normal hotel amenities are not provided.


Students are responsible for purchasing their own meals while on this program, besides a welcome and closing dinner celebration that is provided by the program.

The student residence is just a couple blocks away from a grocery store that provides any necessary food and household items (toilet paper, soap, toiletries, etc).

“Restaurant Row” is also just a couple blocks from the student residence where there are many delicious restaurants to choose from if students decide to eat out.


The residence is located just a couple blocks away from a public laundromat. For just a few euros a load, students can wash all of their clothes in large washing machines. It is recommended that students dry their clothes on the clothing wracks provided in their rooms as the dryers are not very strong.

The Classroom

Class is held Monday through Friday of the first and third weeks in a conference room at AC Hotel Ambassadeur located just a few blocks away from the student residence. Classroom location is subject to change for Summer 2022. Location TBD.