Honors Grady Students

 Early Admission to Grady College and Applying for a Grady Major Honors-Grady Early Admission Program

First-year Honors students who declare an Intended-journalism major by the end of their first semester at UGA are admitted as “ABJ/Unspecified”. They must apply for acceptance to a specific Grady major once eligibility requirements are met. These students are not required to write a statement of interest which is required of non-Honors students.


To apply for acceptance to a Grady College major, students must do the following:

• Complete Areas I-V of the UGA general education curriculum.

• Be in good standing in the Honors Program.

Applying for a Grady Major

• When: Approximately your sophomore year. Applications are accepted from April 15 through 5 p.m. on Friday of the second full week of classes each fall semester, and from November 15 through 5 p.m. on Friday of the second full week of classes each spring semester. There is no summer application process.

• How: Apply online through the Admissions link at grady.uga.edu. The online application takes only a few minutes to complete.

• Major choices: You will be asked to list three majors and rank them in order of preference. Admission to a specific major is not guaranteed and depends on scores. Admission scores are determined by points derived from your GPA in Areas I, IV, and V (75%) and statement of interest score (25%).

• Statement of interest exemption: Honors-Grady students do not write a statement of interest; you receive full points (25) for the statement of interest.

• Notification timeline: Admission decisions are announced around the midpoint of the semester via an e-mail message from the Grady Undergraduate Services Office to your UGA e-mail account.

Course Suggestions

• UGA courses that satisfy the general education curriculum

• Courses that satisfy prerequisite requirements for Grady major courses (e.g., STAT 2000 or 2100H is a prerequisite for advertising and PR majors). Advertising and PR majors should complete STAT prior to their first semester taking Grady major classes.

• One or more Grady introductory courses. All students should complete the introductory course for their major prior to their first semester taking Grady major classes.

ADPR 3100 or ADPR 3100H – Principles of Advertising

ADPR 3850 or ADPR 3850H – Public Relations

JOUR 3030 or JOUR 3030H – Introduction to Journalism

JRLC 3800 – Sports, Media and Society (Introduction to Sports Journalism)

EMST 3010 or EMST 3010H – Introduction to Telecommunications

NMIX 2020 and other New Media courses (see www.nmi.uga.edu)

• Courses for a minor, certificate or additional major that interests you. These courses may also fulfill UGA general elective requirements and Grady College upper-level elective requirements. We recommend discussing these options with your advisor. Join the Honors-Grady Listserv Information about course offerings, meetings, events and other opportunities are posted regularly.

To join the Honors-Grady listserv, send an e-mail request to brector@uga.edu.

Read grady.uga.edu

Grady’s web site is “required reading” for all students interested in journalism and mass communication study and careers, as well as Grady events and opportunities. Explore it often.

Attend Grady Events and Join Grady Student Organizations

From the start, Grady students are immersed in professional and academic learning experiences. Ad Club, PRSSA, Magazine Club, DiGamma Kappa, UGA Newsource, the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), UGAzine, and The Red & Black are just a few of the many professional opportunities available to you as a pre-major. Please see our Student Organization list.

Visit Us for Academic and Career Advising Support

Grady College advisors work closely with your Honors advisors. Career Services appointments are available to Honors-Grady students year-round. Students may also meet with Beth Rector, prospective student advisor, any time to answer questions about eligibility, admission, Grady majors, classes, student organizations, etc.

View a list of our academic advisors.

View our Career Services resources.