Transfer Students

Are you considering transferring to UGA to pursue a degree at Grady College? Here is what you need to know:

Follow this step by step process as you plan your transition.

For questions about the application process to UGA, please contact the UGA Admission Office.

For questions about the application process to Grady College, please contact our Prospective Student Advisor

Step 1: You must be accepted to and enrolled at the University of Georgia before you can apply to Grady. For more information about transfer eligibility, deadlines and the application itself, visit the UGA Transfer Applicants website.

Step 2: Determine if you are eligible to apply to Grady College. The eligibility requirements include: completion of Areas I-V of the UGA core curriculum (completing Areas I-V of the core at any Georgia System school also satisfies this requirement); and minimum 2.80 overall GPA and good academic standing. Grady College has Fall and Spring Admissions cycles. **When you transfer to UGA, you will begin as an Intended-Grady major in the Exploratory Center and will be advised by an Intended-Grady advisor. If you have met Grady’s eligibility requirements (listed in Step 2) you can apply during the first two weeks of your first semester.

Step 3: If eligible, complete the application process during the first 2 weeks for the semester you enter UGA. The application process is a two part process. You must complete an online application found at the link below as well as a written statement of interest in the UGA Testing Center. The combined GPA in Areas I, IV, and V counts for 75% of the selection process; the statement of interest counts for the remaining 25%. For more information about the application process and selection process, please visit the Apply to Grady webpage.

Step 4: Wait to hear about admissions decisions. These decisions will occur mid-way through your application semester and you will be notified of these decision via your UGA email account.

Additional things to know before making your decision:

  • All Grady majors are four-semester programs, not including the semester of application or summers. All students must commit to spending four semesters in Grady after the semester of application to complete major coursework. If this timeline is not possible for financial or other reasons, students should consider major options outside of Grady College.
  • Advising for new transfer students takes place during a one-day transfer orientation. Once accepted to UGA, you will receive information from the UGA Admissions Office about registering for transfer orientation.
  • All intended journalism students should sign up for the pre-journalism listserv. Details about the Grady admissions process, student organizations, events at Grady College, job and internship postings, and other student information is distributed through this listserv.
  • To learn more about UGA’s Resident Requirement for transfer students, visit UGA resident website.
  • To see how courses from your current institution will transfer to UGA, visit the UGA transfer equivalency website.