Peabody Media Center

The Peabody Media Center is a scholarly research center and media production arm of the prestigious Peabody Awards, with three mission components:

  • Peabody Programs extend the yearly awards winners and finalists through initiatives like the Peabody Digital Network, which develops and circulates new content that illuminates the social and political relevance of award-winning stories and guides public engagement with them. Initiatives include hosting discussions with noted producers like Judd Apatow and TV icon Norman Lear (right).
  • Peabody Archive is the third largest repository of audiovisual materials in the United States, housed in the University of Georgia’s Special Collections Libraries. Through books, films and digital media productions, the Peabody Archive’s Cultural Memory Project will connect past and present.
  • Peabody Academy partners with industry organizations and previous Peabody Awards honorees to engage aspiring screenwriters, producers and filmmakers through master classes, seminars, workshops, internships and other educational activities. Central to these efforts are Peabody Fellows, a distinguished group of television and media studies scholars from across the country.
A Celebration of Legends: Peabody & Norman Lear at the home of Ambassador Nicole Avant & Ted Sarandos on Tuesday, November 15, 2016.
The Peabody Student Honor Board recognizes excellence in digital media storytelling.

Peabody Student Honor Board

The Peabody Student Honor Board serves as a unique experiential learning opportunity for University of Georgia students. Each year, a limited number of students are selected from an application process to serve as ambassadors at Peabody events, including the annual awards ceremony in New York. The 16-member board also evaluates and selects the winners for the annual Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Awards, which recognize innovation and excellence in digital programming. As part of the judging process, the students undertake a semester-long “New Digital Narratives” course, refining their critical-thinking and deliberation skills through examination of emerging media forms.


Futures of Media Awards

The Futures of Media Awards honor groundbreaking digital narratives and the technologies used to tell these stories. With a spirit of innovation at the core of Peabody, the awards were created in 2015 to celebrate the most powerful narratives in an ever-changing digital landscape. Honorees are selected by the Peabody Student Honor Board and are deemed to have told a story that matters: a story that inspires empathy around the human condition, shapes our understanding of the world, transforms how we address important societal issues, and takes a chance with what it’s saying and how it’s told.