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The McCommons Award for Distingushed Community Journalism

About the mccommons award

The Rollin M. “Pete” McCommons Award for Distinguished Community Journalism sponsored by the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication will go to small- or niche-market media outlets that have produced single or packaged stories on issues affecting their community and can offer how these stories may have impacted their community. These media outlets can create bonds with its citizens, increase diversity, offer greater depth and context, and find ways to capture local priorities, concerns and perspectives.

The McCommons Award honors outstanding leadership, innovation and entrepreneurism in community journalism. Supported by an endowment, the annual award was created in 2018 to recognize professional journalists, students or faculty who produce community journalism of consequence. The award highlights the substantial contributions of community journalism to civic life and inspires students to pursue careers in community journalism. It is named for Pete McCommons, editor of Flagpole Magazine in Athens, Georgia, in honor of his outstanding career in community journalism as a leading reporter, editor, publisher and innovative entrepreneur.

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McCommons Award for Distinguished Community Journalism

Entries for the 2023 award are to be received by September 30, 2024. Entries should be excellent reporting from 2023, but the impact can be ongoing. The longer deadline for submission allows time for newsrooms to see and measure community impact from the reporting.

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