Reserve the Peyton Anderson Forum

To submit your request, complete the form below. The room reservation managers will contact you within 48 hours.

Grady meeting rooms may only be reserved for Grady functions. You will be responsible for setting up the room for your function and you must make sure that all trash is removed, the whiteboards cleaned and the room is returned to its original set up after your function.

Student groups using the conference rooms must have an advisor present throughout the function. The advisor is responsible for building security: insuring doors are locked and that all participants leave the building.


If there will be any food at the event you must contact Keith Adams ( 2 weeks prior to the event.


If there will be more than 25 guests you must contact Keith Adams ( 2 weeks prior to the event to arrange for trash and cleaning services.

Audio Visual

You must make arrangements for your audio visual needs by contacting the Grady IT Department at

Note: Your booking will not be confirmed until you have completed and submitted this form and received an email confirmation from the room reservation manager.

SPECIAL NOTE: A faculty member or faculty advisor must be present throughout all events. They are responsible for keys, arranging for the outer doors to be unlocked, returning the room to its original condition, clearing the floor of visitors, and locking up after the event.