Young Drivers Risk Perception in risky driving

DongJae (Jay) Lim (Grady PhD student). Young Drivers Risk Perception in risky driving: The Role of Social Norm and Normative Legal Information, The Seventh International Crisis and Risk Communication Conference, Orlando, Fl. March 13-15, 2017.

Abstract: Young drivers consider whether their close peers and social norm will be acceptable when they make decisions to engage risky driving behavior. The study measured young drivers’ social norm and legal information toward risky driving behaviors (e.,g texting while driving) by a scenario-based survey. The study revealed that 1) Young driver’s underlying social norms remain that taking the risk might be acceptable from their close peers, 2) There is a knowledge gap of legal information toward this risky behavior, such as understanding the state’s penalty.

Dong Jae (Jay) Lim