The Payoff of Pro Bono

Justin E. Pettigrew, Abigail R. Jensen and Bryan H. Reber. “The Payoff of Pro Bono: Conversations with Agency Principals.” (2015, Fall). Public Relations Journal, Vol. 9, No. 3.

Abstract: Still considering the not-for-profit realm, Justin Pettigrew, Abigail Jensen and Bryan Reber explore this world as it relates to public relations firms and pro bono clients. In The Payoff of Pro Bono: Conversations with Agency Principals, the authors scope out pro bono client selection and retention in agencies — an environment that is not often researched by scholars. They determine how pro bono clients help firms increase legitimacy with stakeholders by being seen as socially responsible. The authors conduct in-depth interviews with principals at large public relations firms so that they can understand their philosophies and motivations regarding pro bono work. They specifically seek answers to two main questions: Can public relations firms enhance their status and workplace satisfaction through pro bono work, and should there be industry-wide, standardized guidelines for these practices?

Bryan H. Reber