Hybrid News Practices

Jay Hamilton. “Hybrid News Practices.” (2016). In The SAGE Handbook of Digital Journalism, edited by Tamara Witschge, C. W. Anderson, David Domingo and Alfred Hermida.

Abstract: Because “mainstream” and “alternative” journalism are treated too often in discussions of digital journalism as separate spheres, comparatively less has been written about the insufficiency of positing separate spheres, despite the theoretical and empirical necessity of doing so. This chapter critiques separate spheres and theorizes hybrid news practices, in which features heretofore allocated into “mainstream” or “alternative” sphere become mixed and co-present. The chapter uses a cultural-studies approach to analyze empirical instances of hybrids of social formation and use, of technology and form, and of news and marketing.    https://us.sagepub.com/en-us/nam/The-SAGE-Handbook-of-Digital-Journalism/book244110

Jay Hamilton