It is hard to make them happy when they are full of hopes

Bang, H., Choi, D. & Park, D. (2016, May). IT IS HARD TO MAKE THEM HAPPY WHEN THEY ARE FULL OF HOPES: EMOTIONAL BLUNTING IN ADVERTISING.  2016 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Abstract: Although previous context effect literatures have confirmed the mood congruence effect, this study attempts to examine the emotional blunting phenomenon that could possibly occurs between same valence emotions when the emotions have a different appraisal. Building on the Appraisal tendency framework and emotional blunting hypothesis, the current study examines how emotions elicited by a media context could carry over and blunt the subsequent emotional experiences induced by a commercial that follows. The findings of the study will not only contribute to the theory of advertising but also provide a useful guide to help practitioners implement a proper ad placement.

Hyejin Bang  DongWon Choi  Dooyeon Park