The Effects of CEOs’ Self-Disclosure on Consumer-Brand Relationships

Taeyeon Kim and Yongjun Sung. “The Effects of CEOs’ Self-Disclosure on Consumer-Brand Relationships.” Accepted for Presentation at the 2017 American Academy of Advertising Conference, Boston, MA.

Abstract : This study examined the effects of a chief executive officers’ (CEO) self-disclosure on consumer-brand relationships and the moderating role of brand relationship norms. To test the proposed hypotheses, a 2 (the level ofCEOs’ self-disclosure: high versus low self-disclosure) × 2 (the types of brand relationship norms: exchange relationship versus communal relationship) factorial design was implemented. The dependent variables were attitude toward the CEO and the brand, and consumers’ intention to reveal personal information. The results confirmed that consumers’ responses to CEOs’ self-disclosure can differ by what kinds of relationship norms they have for consumer-brand relationships.

Taeyeon Kim