What can we do beyond posting calorie counts

Meng, Juan, & Pan, P.-L. (2016). What can we do beyond posting calorie counts? Engaging millennial consumers through sustainable marketing efforts. Paper accepted for presentation at the 19th Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress, Paris, France, July 19-23, 2016.

Abstract: By using Freeman’s (1984) stakeholder theory as the leading theoretical foundation, this research investigates how millennial consumers responds to corporate sustainability initiatives (CSIs) when making informed diet and healthy eating options. By conducting a series of focus group research, this research provides a detailed perspective of how millennial consumers have responded to companies’ sustainable marketing efforts and how such efforts have influenced their choices of healthy lifestyles. Results of the focus group research provide marketers with insights on millennial consumers’ values on healthy lifestyles, dining options, attitudes toward socially responsible companies, and their sense of identity associated with relevant sustainable marketing efforts. Practical implications are discussed.

Juan Meng