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Two days, twenty outfits: Coachella attendees’ visual presentation of self and experience on Instagram

Keyser Lough (forthcoming). “Two days, twenty outfits: Coachella attendees’ visual presentation of self and experience on Instagram.” Journal of Visual Literacy. Abstract: This study uses a visual discourse analysis to explore the self-construction of […]

What Drives Loyal Fans of Brand Pages to take Action? The Effects of Self-Expansion and Flow on Loyal Page Fans’ Sharing and Creation Activities

Abstract: Consumer-driven sharing and creation activities are valuable engagement activities as they help spread awareness and interaction for brands on social media. Loyal fans of brand pages are an important […]

Pro-Veganism on Instagram: Effects of User-Generated Content (UGC) Types and Content Generator Types in Instagram-Based Health Marketing Communication about Veganism

Abstract: Purpose: Through two experiments, this study assessed source and message effects of Instagram-based pro-veganism messages. Design/methodology/approach: Experiment 1 (N = 294) examined effects of organization (brand vs nonprofit) and […]

Time Heals All Wounds: How Discounting Cues and Multiple Exposures Impact the Effectiveness of Infleuncer Advertising Over Time

Abstract: Through an online experiment with a 2 (no ad disclosure/standardized ad disclosure ’paid partnership with the (brand)’) x 2 (single exposure to the influencer content/multiple exposure to the influencer […]

Effects of Brand Name versus Empowerment Advertising Campaign Hashtags in Branded Instagram Posts of Luxury versus Mass-market Brands

Abstract: Through 2 studies, this research examined consumer responses to empowerment hashtags in social media-based fashion advertising. The findings of Study 1 indicated that consumers showed more favorable attitudes towards […]