#ProfilesOfTenacity: Palmer Thombs

#ProfilesOfTenacity: Palmer Thombs

November 04, 2021
Why did you choose Grady and your course of study?  

As an out of state student, Grady is what drew me to come to Georgia. I knew I wanted to study journalism in college, and I knew that Grady was the place I wanted to do it. So, for me, choosing Grady happened long before I applied to the college. It happened when I applied to the university because I saw the people that have come out of here and the opportunities students have while here as second to none. 

Who is your professional hero? 

I’ve always enjoyed the work of Adam Lucas, a writer for the University of North Carolina and its athletics program. I grew up reading Lucas’ work, specifically relating to UNC basketball, and admired the way he is able to relate to readers by using his voice. This is something that I have always tried to do too, not let the facts block out my voice, thus allowing the reader to get to know both me and the story I’m reporting. 

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I think a lot of people would be surprised to know about my passion for writing. That doesn’t come as a surprise to anybody in Grady, or anybody that’s gotten to know me well enough, but it’s just not common that you see somebody with a desire to go into journalism these days. It’s something that makes me different from most of my best friends, and something that I think people would be surprised to know about me. I’m passionate about it, knew that and decided to pursue that professionally. 

What are you passionate about? 

I would say that I am passionate about sharing stories. Whether that is the story of an individual, a team, a community, a game or anything else, I thoroughly enjoy finding the right way to convey my experiences to others. 

What or who has had the biggest impact on your life during your time at UGA?  

The Grady Sports Media program has probably had the biggest impact on my life during my time at Georgia, specifically professor Carlo Finlay. I came into the program already having some experience in the field of sports media, however I’ve still been able to grow exponentially. I actually remember meeting with Professor Finlay and talking about the sports media certificate during a visit to Georgia when I was in high school, so his impact goes beyond just my days in Athens. 

What is an example of a time you used your studies and skills in a real-world experience?  

While every day on the job uses the skills that I’ve learned through my studies, I think the biggest example of me using them came during the summer of 2020 when I worked as a communications intern for the Carolinas Golf Association. In fact, it was myself and two other Grady students and graduates tag-teaming communications, so we all used skills learned through our time here. However, skills like photography, social media and writing absolutely came in handy in this fast paced, real world work experience, and I can thank Grady for that knowledge.

What are you planning to do after graduation?  

I have accepted, and actually already started, a full-time job with On3 Sports as their team beat writer for their Georgia site. I will be living in Athens and covering the Dawgs. This is an exciting opportunity for me to get in on the ground floor of a promising new sports media outlet and stay connected with a school that I love so much.

Palmer participated in the Sports Media Certificate, where he got to interview players, coaches and other sports professionals.
What is your favorite app or social media channel and why? 

I would say that Twitter is probably my favorite app and social media because it’s the quickest and easiest way to stay up to date with the happenings of this fast-paced world. 

Where is your favorite place on campus and why? 

My favorite place on campus would be Sanford Stadium because I feel at home there. Not only is it a place where I do my work, but over the years it is also a place where I’ve gotten to spend so much quality time with my friends in the stands. There’s really nothing like a Saturday in Sanford. 

What has been your proudest moment in the past year? 

My proudest moment in the last year would have to be getting and accepting my full-time job offer with On3 Sports to cover Georgia athletics. It’s something that I have been working toward for a long time, a full-time opportunity in this field, and a place that I feel certain I wouldn’t have ended up in had it not been for coming to Georgia.