Jabian Consulting Leads Session for Cox Poynter Leaders

Jabian Consulting Leads Session for Cox Poynter Leaders

February 06, 2015
Stephanie Moreno, s.moreno@uga.udu
Keith Herndon, klhern@uga.edu

Four management consultants from Atlanta-based Jabian Consulting recently conducted a leadership workshop for top journalism students at the Grady College.

The Feb. 9 session was part of an eight-week Cox Poynter Leaders Program that is preparing 13 competitively-selected students for media leadership roles.  The workshop was based on leadership articles the consulting company had compiled in an e-book and shared in advance with the students.

Fred Jewell, executive director at Jabian, addresses students during the panel. Photo credit: Laura James

“This was a chance for our students to learn how management consultants work with clients on the same kind of issues we wrestle with in class,” said Keith Herndon, a visiting journalism professor at the Grady College, who directs the Cox Poynter Leaders program. “The students heard directly from consulting leaders about the challenges of technology disruption and keeping pace with innovation.”

The four visiting consultants were Robert Amberg, director of marketing, Fred Jewell, executive director, and directors Danielle Joiner-McPherson and Fara Levine.

“Consulting takes a very framework-based approach to management and leadership,” said Amberg. “So when we talk about leadership, it’s not just how to behave as a leader, but how to put yourself in a position to be a leader, work with a leader, and recognize leadership traits within an organization. It goes beyond just doing the right things to a pragmatic approach.”

Robert Amberg, director of marketing at Jabian, speaks with Taylor West, a public affairs journalism student in the Cox Poynter Leaders Program. Photo credit: Laura James

During the facilitated panel discussion, the consultants outlined the differences between leadership and management.  They also emphasized the importance of establishing and cultivating professional networks.

“It’s never too early to build a relationship,” Amberg said.

Danielle Joiner-McPherson, a director at Jabian, speaks to Stephen Mays, a Cox Poynter Leader and publication management senior. Photo credit: Laura James

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