GSAB Profile: Ryan Carty

GSAB Profile: Ryan Carty

May 26, 2022

Ryan Carty (ABJ ’09) is an emerging talent recruiter for Meta. He has 12 years of experience that includes recruiting, university career services, diversity & inclusion, corporate relations, career coaching/counseling, college admissions counseling, and training and development.

Following is a brief interview with Carty.

Carty previously served as Director of Experiential Learning at Grady College. (Photo: Submitted)
Why are you involved with the GSAB?

I want to give back to Grady students because this college is responsible for a significant part of my educational, professional and personal development. It is my honor to continue the legacy of alumni who have also contributed to the success of Grady.

What advice do you have for today’s Grady College students?

I would tell them to be flexible with their career path and be open to new possibilities or opportunities they previously didn’t know were available. The world has so much to offer outside of a traditional career path and it may benefit you to explore!

What experience during your time at Grady College had the biggest influence on where you are today?

My time working at Grady College as the Director of Experiential Learning was my favorite college memory. With the help of Grady faculty and staff along with the UGA Career Center, we planned the largest-ever Grady Career Day which resulted in so many job and internship opportunities for students. That was easily my proudest moment and had the most influence on the trajectory of my career.

Carty was worked in career services for over a decade. (Photo: Submitted)
How has the network of fellow Grady College alumni helped you in your career?

Grady alumni have always been willing to connect with students for countless opportunities including mentorship, education, hiring, you name it! I’m so happy to see alumni giving back because none of us made it to where we are now alone, so it’s great to see our network helping each other.

How has your field changed from your graduation to now?

I started interning at truTV in college and thought I wanted to be a TV producer. After some internships and studies in entertainment, as well as doing a deep dive with the UGA Career Center to understand my career motivations more clearly, I pivoted to education. I became a career counselor for students seeking jobs in media, advertising and PR, and this was such a rewarding career. Eventually, I leveraged my transferrable skills and network to pursue a career in recruiting. 

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