#GradyGrit: Meet Polo Vargas

#GradyGrit: Meet Polo Vargas

March 22, 2019

Editor’s Note: #GradyGrit is a new series of profiles of Grady College students who show determination, leadership and outreach to the community. Search “#GradyGrit” on the Grady College website for additional profiles.

Describe Grady College in three words.

Eccentric, dedicated, talented.


What is a highlight from your time in Grady so far?

My highlight from my time at Grady thus far has been getting to know professors who have such vast knowledge in their professions.


What is your dream job with your Grady degree?

My dream job is to become a political reporter for broadcast news.


Why is journalism important to you?

Journalism is important for me because I believe it is a public service to citizens that allows them to make informed decisions.


What do you like to write/report about?   

I like to write about political related news, whether its local, state, national, or international news.


What have you learned writing for the Georgia Political Review?

While writing for the Georgia Political Review, I have learned a large amount about the way other countries’ governments systems differ from the United States government. This is especially true in certain topics such as immigration and health care.


What made you decide to participate and take on a leadership role in the Hispanic Student Association?

I felt a desire to take on a leadership role in the Hispanic Student Association because I wanted to serve the organization that helped me make some of my closest friends.


Who is your favorite/most inspiring journalist?

My favorite journalist is Jorge Ramos from Univision because he has been a trustworthy source for the Hispanic community in the United States for a few decades now.


Special talent/hobby?

My hobbies are reading about soccer and political news in my spare time.


What is your rapper name? 

My rapper name is El Conejo de la Calle (Spanish for “The Rabbit of the Street”).