#GradyGrit: Meet Nick Hayward

#GradyGrit: Meet Nick Hayward

March 05, 2020

How has Grady influenced your time at UGA?

Grady has allowed me to pursue a variety of different things throughout my time at UGA. If I wanted to act, I could go act. If I wanted to edit, I could edit something. The connections I have built through Grady have allowed me to spend my time branching out, and I have been able to find new things that interest me. I definitely feel more fulfilled because of my Grady education and the network I have built thus far.

What has been your favorite class and why?

By far, my favorite class has to be Biddle’s 3210 experience. The class was an absolute kick in the rear in the best way possible. I met all of the people who I would continue making films with over the years in that class, and the toughness of the experience made me a better filmmaker. The industry, like this class, does not hold your hand.

What is your most memorable Grady experience?

Definitely the 3210 final project. For me, the logistical challenges that this final presented were better than any other part of my education. The project attempts to be a simulation of steps in creating a film, and it succeeds. There is no better feeling than watching the film at the end of it all, and knowing that months of agonizing stress and extremely hard work had paid off.

What motivates you?

The competitive nature of the industry I hope to work in certainly motivates me to work my absolute hardest. The need to express myself creatively also plays a large part in keeping me focused towards the future. Film is not a hobby. The things you create are huge investments that you become very involved with. Knowing that there is a complete project waiting at the end of all your hard work propels you towards the finish line. Yet, also knowing that there are always bigger and better things within reach drives me to keep moving.

What are you planning to do after graduating with a Grady degree?

I aspire to delve into a variety of professions after my degree, notably freelance videography, editing, and filmmaking.

Describe Grady College in 3 words.

Intense, Rewarding, Impactful

Hayward (right) dedicates his free time to filmmaking and acting. (Photo: submitted)

Favorite project/film you’ve worked on?

I created a documentary last year called Mound for my documentary class, where I travelled to a small town in Ohio where a nuclear facility once was. I interviewed the Mayor, and overall the experience was enlightening, intense, and all around a blast.

Professional hero?

Adam McKay. He writes absurd and idiotic comedies, yet can also direct impactful social dramas. I really admire his range and work ethic.

Last show/favorite show you’ve binge-watched?

Shitt’s Creek. Hilarious. I binged a few seasons at a time.

Favorite quote?

“Creative freedom is a huge carrot.” – Adam McKay

Favorite place on campus?

Easy. North Campus. It’s absolutely beautiful in the fall.