Grady student selected to participate in the 2020 Roger Hatchuel Student Academy

Grady student selected to participate in the 2020 Roger Hatchuel Student Academy

April 21, 2020

Gracie Blount, a junior advertising major, was selected as one of three U.S. students to participate in the Roger Hatchuel Student Academy at the 2020 Cannes Lions Festival. Due to COVID-19, this year’s festival has been canceled, but participants are invited to be a part of the Academy next year.

The Roger Hatchuel Student Academy is a highly competitive, six-day development program for 35 students from multiple countries that takes place during the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. This year UGA was invited, for the first time, to nominate two students to then apply and be considered for the Academy. Of the three U.S. winners, the two other students came from portfolio schools.

Blount (left) works on a team with three other Grady students to produce creative social content for Georgia Football Creative. (Photo: submitted)

“My first step in the whole process was getting the UGA nomination. I had to write a statement of interest for the committee of Grady professors that had been assembled to decide which students Georgia would push for. A few weeks later, I was told that one other Grady student and I had received the UGA nomination. I knew that my chances of getting the USA nomination were small” said Blount. “Forty people from the world get to be a part of this particular Cannes Academy which is why when I found out a few weeks ago that I got a spot I was so shocked and overwhelmed.”

Blount, nominated by Grady professor, Kirsten Struasbaugh, was hired the second week of her freshman year by Georgia Football Creative as a videographer and has worked with them ever since. The majority of her time is spent at work with her team producing content, shooting film and editing.

For her application, she produced a two minute video about who she is and why she is creative.

See her video below:

The diverse array of students are selected by a specific panel set up by Cannes Lions and includes a previous Roger Hatchuel Academy participant who benefitted from his/her experience. This year the panel consisted of six professionals with a variety of experience and knowledge. The program is intended to foster brainstorming and collaboration among students from across the globe with different backgrounds and perspectives. Together, over the course of the festival, students will learn about paving a path for themselves in the creative advertising industry.

“I am most looking forward to hanging out with the other students from around the world,” said Blount. “We already have a group message going and it is so cool to hear about their experiences in and thoughts on marketing/advertising. The festival has been canceled for the year, but we get to all be a part of the Roger Hatchuel Academy next year.”