Grady InternViews: Caroline Kurzawa

Grady InternViews: Caroline Kurzawa

August 05, 2021

This is part of a series where we ask Grady College students to describe their summer internship experience.

Briefly describe your internship and responsibilities.A graphic explaining Kurzawa is a journalism major working as an intern in the integrated communications department for Enterprise Operations at Lockheed Martin in Washington, D.C.

I am an intern at Lockheed Martin. I am based out of the headquarters in Bethesda, M.D. but work remotely from Delta Hall in Washington, D.C.

I log on early because we work on a 10-hours-a-day schedule Monday-Thursday with each Friday off. I can see meetings and tasks come through in my inbox. I have worked on presentations, communications drafts and quality checks for other projects. I check in with my supervisor once a week to track my progress and discuss other projects I may be interested in.

How is your internship affecting the ideas you have about your future?

I have loved my experience so far, and it has confirmed that communications is the right field for me. Every day is different!

What has been your favorite part about living and working in DC?

The energy! There is always something to do and places to see. This is a great place for young professionals who want to be at the heart of public affairs.

When you look back on your internship 10 years from now, what part of your summer internship do you think you’ll remember most?

I know that my supervisors value my ideas and that I’m viewed as an important member of the team. My co-workers are kind and take the time to send projects my way when they know I’ll be interested. I’ll always be grateful my hiring manager gave me the chance to join the team.

Kurzawa in the doorway of Delta Hall
Kurzawa is a rising senior journalism major. (Photo: submitted)
What is the most valuable lesson or skill you have learned during your internship?

Communicate! It sounds kind of silly from a communications intern, but talk to your supervisors and your co-workers. Tell them how you’re doing, what you can do for the team and what you need from them.

What do you think made you stand out while applying for the job and what qualities do you have that are helping you succeed?

I think the Public Affairs Communications program catches the eye. It is different and specialized and people always want to hear more about it. In addition, I am personable and love to learn, which drives me as a self-motivated person. It is also critical to have strong communication and time management skills, especially as a remote worker.

How do you feel that the PAC certificate has prepared you for tackling the job?

The writing and strategic thinking skills I have learned through the PAC program made it much easier to start my position and anticipate what my supervisors were expecting of me.

What is your advice for other students looking to take on a similar role, and what advice would you give them if they’re considering a PAC certificate?

Apply anyway. Not sure if you’ll get it? Apply anyway. Take the risk because the education you are receiving will support your goals. To students considering the PAC program: this program is one of a kind and will provide you with the kind of skills that employers in the public affairs realm need. Professor Watson brings his real world experience and knowledge to the classroom to prepare you for your future.