Grady InternViews: Alise Crittendon

Grady InternViews: Alise Crittendon

July 27, 2021

This is part of a series where we ask Grady College students to describe their summer internship experience.

Briefly describe your internship and responsibilities.

As a Copywriter intern at FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding) Chicago, I am responsible for bringing campaign ideas to life with strong, quick and concise messaging. I am on the Walmart account at my agency, specifically under their Sustainability sector, where I pitch ideas for marketing Walmart’s efforts to preserve our planet. I make presentations, write content such as taglines and TV scripts, and develop campaigns for Walmart and other brands like Allstate, Cottonelle and more. Each day is different, but one thing is consistent: meetings, meetings, meetings! It’s completely remote, but I find ways to get variety in my day by working at my local library or coffee shops.

Explain the MAIP program in your own words and your involvement in it.

MAIP is the 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Internship Program where diverse talent is connected with agencies all over the country in 15+ disciplines. It includes professional development training, summer campaign projects and a full-time internship at top agencies in the advertising industry. In my experience so far, I’ve met so many amazing peers with similar interests and passions, gotten hands-on creative experience and have had access to a supportive family-like community. 

What has been the biggest growth you’ve experienced so far?

The biggest growth I’ve experienced this summer is confidence. From coming up with original ideas to pitching them in front of high-level executives, this has been a major transition for me, and has allowed me to discover what my strengths and weaknesses are and how to capitalize off those. I feel 10x more prepared to go into the industry after my experience with MAIP and FCB Chicago. 

How do you feel that Grady has prepared you for tackling the job?
Crittendon says she's staying busy with remote meetings this summer. (Photo: submitted)
Crittendon says she’s staying busy with remote meetings this summer. (Photo: submitted)

My experience in Grady has prepared me for my role immensely, specifically my involvement in Women in Media at UGA and my Brand Storytelling class I took with Dr. Strausbaugh. A lot of the lessons I learned through these two experiences has helped me form accurate expectations for my job and allowed me to navigate difficult situations.

What is your advice for other students looking to take on a similar role?

Going into a creative role (or any role) can involve major imposter syndrome. It helps me to remember that I’m only an intern, not an expert, so everything I do is an opportunity for a learning experience. Also, reaching out to people for help is a major key! It helps you gain more understanding and allows you to network and build relationships with your fellow interns, managers, and other co-workers.