Grady Intern Diaries: Emma Crosby

Grady Intern Diaries: Emma Crosby

July 19, 2019

This is part of a series where we ask Grady College students to describe their summer internship experience.

Grady College: Briefly describe your internship and responsibilities.
EC: I work at Amazing PR in Chelsea, London. Amazing PR is a lifestyle and beauty PR company. In my role at Amazing PR, I get to try new products that are sent to us from beauty and lifestyle brands. Then, I write features for them on our blog as well as writing copy for our social media accounts. I also take photos for our Instagram accounts to showcase the products.

Grady: What is the biggest challenge you faced during your internship?
EC: The biggest challenge I faced during my summer internship was adjusting to living and commuting in a city as large as London. I live in central London and while my internship is only 4 miles away from my apartment, it’s about an hour commute each way on the tube. I always expected that large underground public transport systems would be faster than driving somewhere, but was surprised to learn that there are often system failures and delays. Also, everyone is trying to travel to and from work at the same time and rush hour makes it really hard to get from place to place.

Grady: What was your favorite part about your summer internship?
EC: My favorite part of my summer internship was getting to work in such a diverse city and work environment. While there are only three other interns, we all represent different backgrounds and countries. Working alongside such a small group of people can be difficult sometimes, but it’s really cool to have diverse opinions at the table to learn from.

Grady: What skill(s) did you learn at your summer internship that you expect to be helpful as you pursue your desired career?
EC: Working directly underneath the founder of Amazing PR, I’ve learned to be confident in the knowledge that you learn during your career. It’s amazing to watch her expertise and see firsthand the skills she has acquired while owning her own business. It gives me the assurance that while I may not know everything about Public Relations right now, the skills will come with time and experience.

Grady: What part of your Grady education did you find most valuable during your internship?
EC: They’ve told us in every Grady class ever that writing is the most important skill we will learn during our time here. I’ve always known it was important, but didn’t fully realize just how vital that skill is until I started an internship that is mostly writing based. Thanks to Grady, I’m confident in my writing ability and I think it shows through my work at Amazing PR.

Grady: When you look back on your internship 10 years from now, what part of your summer internship do you expect to be most thankful for?
EC: I will never forget the summer that I spent interning in London. I never would have had the confidence to intern abroad before I came to UGA and joined Grady. In 10 years, I know that I will look back and be thankful for not only the PR skills I have developed this summer, but also the life skills I have gained through living in London.

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