Grady College Convocation hits notes of resilience and enthusiasm

Grady College celebrated its graduates on May 8, 2024, in the Grand Hall of the Athens Classic Center. (Photos: Sarah Freeman, Jackson Schroeder, Adam Walters)

Grady College Convocation hits notes of resilience and enthusiasm

May 10, 2024

Editor’s Note:

Grady College convocation can be viewed via this video on YouTube.

A list of Spring 2024 graduates can be viewed on our Graduation webpage.

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For a class of graduates who missed their high school graduation due to COVID, this year’s graduating students at Grady College Convocation made up for lost time by soaking in the energy and excitement from family and friends.

The convocation ceremony took place in the Grand Hall of the Athens Classic Center on Wednesday, April 8.

Dean Charles Davis acknowledged the enthusiasm of this class.

“This is a class that came to UGA in the teeth of a global pandemic,” Davis said in his opening comments. “A class that had a whole lot to make up for, and wow, have they ever made up ground. You’ve showed up and showed out. We all love your spirit and have admired the way you get involved. For a Dean and faculty who loves students, it’s so good to be able to celebrate you!”

This year’s senior speaker was Anna Womack, a graduating public relations student who earned a certificate in Public Affairs Communications and served as a Tieger Fellow and a Grady College ambassador.

She spoke about experiences that united the students in the Grady community, waiting for the door to open on that dream job opportunity and struggling through loss. Most importantly, she talked about embracing how far students have come.

“Take credit for your progress,” Womack told the audience. “The baby steps, the tears, the small accomplishments, the days you want to give up, are the ones that create your story and define success.”

Womack also challenged the class not to compare themselves to others: “Don’t look left and right to see others. Know that you can start late, look different, be uncertain and still succeed. You are resilient and you must go forward with truly living.”

More than 475 students graduated this year including eligible students in the following majors: four PhD. students, nearly 70 Master’s degree students, more than 75 graduates in Entertainment and Media Studies, nearly 115 graduates in journalism, almost 90 graduating with advertising degrees and nearly 125 students with public relations degrees.

A majority of the graduates participated in Convocation.

Author: Sarah Freeman,