GAB Profile: Erina Lambeth (ABJ ’87)

GAB Profile: Erina Lambeth (ABJ ’87)

May 30, 2023

Before Erina Lambeth set foot on campus, she knew she wanted to earn a degree from Grady College. She used the skills and knowledge garnered at the University of Georgia to launch a successful career in communications. Her experience includes all facets of internal and external communications, change management, marketing and community relations.

Today she serves as the head of Employee and Leadership Communications for Siemens Digital Industries division. Prior to this, Lambeth served in roles of increasing responsibility for Cox Automotive, GE, Tyco International, ADT and Prudential. Early in her career, she managed public relations and marketing for the Cayman Islands and the national flag carrier Cayman Airways.

Lambeth is a proud advocate for children with disabilities and supports two Georgia-based non-profits: Lekotek of Georgia, an organization dedicated to helping children learn through play, and The Moe Project, a non-profit dedicated to helping students with disabilities feel included on college campuses. She is also a founding Board Member of Mike’s Angels, whose mission is to help children in need in Guatemala.

When she’s not working or volunteering, you will find her playing Pickleball, traveling with her family and friends, enjoying a walk in the woods or reading a good book.

Three people sit in front of a green screen in a production studio.
Lambeth and some colleagues on a production set at Siemens.

Below is a brief interview with Erina Lambeth that have been edited for clarity and length.

Grady College: Why are you involved with the Grady Alumni Board?

Erina Lambeth: Service is an integral part of the University of Georgia’s mission and campus culture. I have carried that philosophy with me throughout my career and personal life. I am happiest when serving others. Being on the Grady Alumni Board enables me to give back to the University that has given me so much. Plus, it gives me an excuse to come back to Athens more often, walk down memory lane, and connect with the students who will shape the future of communications.

Erina and her neice, Claire, who will be a freshman at UGA in the Fall.[/caption]

GC: What are you hoping to contribute to the Grady Alumni Board during your time of service?

EL: I am a connector by nature. I hope to help open doors for the students and share my knowledge with them, though something tells me I will learn more from them than they will learn from me.

GC: What does being a graduate of our College mean to you?

EL: Being a Bulldog is an honor and a privilege. To be a part of this academic community means the world to me. With intention, I carry the UGA spirit of innovation with me wherever I go. I try to foster a growth mindset every day and make a positive impact in everything I do.

Two women show off their UGA shirts.
Lambeth and her niece, Claire, an incoming freshman this year, show off their UGA shirts.
GC: What advice do you have for today’s Grady College students?

EL: Stay one step ahead of technology. Harness its power to make the world a better place. Always treat everyone who crosses your path with kindness.

GC: What experience during your time at Grady College had the biggest influence on where you are today?

EL: Being in the presence of Dr. Beverly Bethune and learning from one of the first female professors at Grady was a gift. She kept pushing me to become a stronger storyteller. She showed me how to use a photo to tell a story. I went on to take photos for The Red & Black and learned the importance of looking at things from different angles, a trait that serves me well to this day. She influenced my leadership style as I watched as she treated all her students with kindness and always took a personal interest in their success.

GC: How has the network of fellow Grady College alumni helped you in your career?

EL: I’ve met so many wonderful alumni throughout my career. The Grady connection speeds the path to friendship. Friends naturally want to help each other and every alum I have ever met has been willing to help me, be it brainstorming a solution to a problem, discussing communication strategy, or opening a door.

GC: What modern challenges would you like to see current students and recent College alumni solve?

EL: The biggest challenge is how AI and ChatGPT will change the landscape of communications. The students of the future can influence how AI is applied and governed. We must harness the technology for the greater good.

Picture of four female students from the 1980s.
Lambeth and her friends from Creswell Hall during the mid-1980s.
GC: What is your favorite place on campus and why?  

EL: Creswell – It’s where I made lifelong friends. I recently went on a life-changing mission trip to Guatemala with three Georgia alumni. The bonds made at Georgia have given me some of my life’s best memories and experiences. I am thrilled that my niece Claire is headed to UGA in the fall, and I hope she lands in Creswell.