Driven by Purpose virtual series shows how individuals at companies can improve the world

Driven by Purpose virtual series shows how individuals at companies can improve the world

November 13, 2020

The Department of Advertising and Public Relations has completed its first installments in the Driven by Purpose virtual series. The online discussions delve into how community based missions can be accomplished through companies and brands. We discovered how many distinguished alumni and professionals keep purpose at the core of their character and vocation.

Featured speakers in the first set of installments include: Catherine Blades from Aflac, Maxine Clark (ABJ ’71) founder of Buld-A-Bear Workshop, Jeff Jowdy (ABJ ’83) from Lighthouse Counsel, Brad MacAfee from Global Impact Relations Network, Tim Mapes (ABJ ’86) from Delta Airlines and Carole Munroe (ABJ ’82) from Hilton Worldwide.

The discussions correlate seamlessly with current curriculum taught by advertising and public relations instructors.

“A study by Deloitte showed Gen Z doesn’t form opinions of a company based only on the quality of their products and/or services but also on their ethics, practices and social impact,” said. Bryan Reber, advertising and public relations department head. “We look forward to further exploring organizations and individuals Driven by Purpose as we put together our Spring 2021 program line-up.”

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The fall 2020 sessions are featured below.

“If you work with somebody else side-by-side, you can make somebody else’s life better.” –Maxine Clark, founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop

“You must have enough armor on to not fear failure because you learn every time you fail. Failure is one of the keys to success.” – Carole Munroe, Hilton Worldwide

“It comes back to humanity. We are better at serving the world if we reflect the world in our own diversity.” –Tim Mapes, Delta Airlines

“Integrity, ethics, people – that expectation is on every employee from interns to executives.” – Catherine Blades, Aflac

ADPR students have been involved coordinating the series. Other integral members of the production team include Missy Hill, program manager for ADPR, Jim Black of Grady Productions,  Jody Danneman, president of Atlanta Image Arts and Hearst Foundations Visiting Professional. Parker Middleton is the executive producer.