Cox-SABEW Fellows Attend NYC Workshop

Cox-SABEW Fellows Attend NYC Workshop

November 02, 2022

For the first time since 2019, the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW) met in person this year, but with a new twist.

Instead of the usual multiday conference full of networking and lectures, SABEW offered a smaller one afternoon conference of skills sessions and one-on-one coaching. Four University of Georgia journalism students attended the session in New York, which was called SkillUp SABEW, as part of a fellowship sponsored by UGA’s Cox Institute for Journalism Innovation, Management and Leadership.

Michael Banks, Jacqueline GaNun, Kate Hester and Lucinda Warnke were this year’s Cox-SABEW Fellows.

Jacqueline GaNun, Lucinda Warnke, Kate Hester and Michael Banks were this year’s Cox-SABEW Fellows.

“SkillUp SABEW was a perfect conference. In one afternoon, we learned about tangible skills in quick but impactful sessions, had one-on-one coaching with industry leaders and were able to make lasting connections in a relaxed networking environment,” said Hester.

Warnke also walked away from the experience with renewed motivation, “I learned about the complexities of business journalism, but also how to understand and navigate those complexities with confidence,” she said.

The one-on-one coaching session was a new addition to the conference. The students collectively agreed that their biggest takeaways came from the coaching.

“Getting feedback about my clips and resume also prepared me to apply for internships and jobs in the coming months, and allowed me to connect with industry professionals,” said Warnke.

The students also had the opportunity to meet with several UGA alumni over lunches and dinner, tour Fox Business and the Wall Street Journal and meet with editors of Barron’s.

“It was incredible getting to connect with UGA alumni who are all making a name for themselves in the industry. As someone nearing graduation, it was incredible to see how strong the Grady and UGA community is in a completely new city,” said Banks.

GaNun called the experience “a highlight of my fall semester,” adding that she was grateful for the opportunity to meet UGA alumni and spend the day working on business journalism skills at The Wall Street Journal. “I learned a lot and am excited to continue to hone my journalistic skills,” said GaNun.

The UGA students also had an opportunity to connect with journalism students from The University of Missouri, New York University and The University of South Carolina.

Banks said it was his first chance to meet journalism students from other universities.

“It’s always a healthy change of perspective getting to learn about how other college newsrooms operate throughout the country and getting to meet impact-driven folks who will someday become my peers in the industry,” he said.