Cox Institute’s Norsworthy Recognized for Academics and Work Performance

Cox Institute’s Norsworthy Recognized for Academics and Work Performance

April 09, 2019

Charlotte Norsworthy prepares for an interview for The Lead podcast. Athens, Georgia, on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 Sarah E. Freeman/Grady College

The University of Georgia has recognized this year’s Cox Institute undergraduate student worker for her academic excellence and her outstanding job performance.

Charlotte Norsworthy recently received the George M. Abney
Honors Award, which goes to the Grady graduating senior who has achieved the
most impressive record in the university’s honors program.  This week, Norsworthy attended the
university’s banquet honoring the “Top 100 Student Workers.” Norsworthy was
nominated for the student worker honor by the Cox Institute in recognition of her
excellent work this year maintaining the Institute’s website and serving as the
host and producer of its podcast, “The Lead.”

“It’s great for Charlotte to receive the university’s recognition
through these prestigious awards. She is a student who combines a keen intellect
with an exceptional work ethic,” said. Dr. Keith Herndon, Director of the Cox
Institute. “Grady is a better place because of her efforts during her time as
an undergraduate.”

Norsworthy said, “It is such an honor to have been
recognized for my hard work at the Grady College and through the Honors
Program. These experiences have prepared me more for my future career than any
other experiences at the University of Georgia. I am truly grateful for the
opportunities that have been afforded to me.”

She will be returning to the Cox Institute next year as a graduate assistant and will serve as the inaugural Morris Masters Fellow, a research and service assistantship funded by the Morris Chair in News Strategy and Management. Dr. Herndon also holds that chair.

Before returning to Grady, Norsworthy has a busy summer
planned.  She will spend time in New York
and Washington, D.C. as part of the Journalism in the Era of Disinformation
Fellowship (JED) Fellowship, which gives student journalists from the United
States and Germany the opportunity to meet their peers and learn about the role
that disinformation plays in political coverage in both countries.

“I am very excited to participate in this fellowship,
which combines both of my interests in journalism and political science. This
experience will be an incredible opportunity to further conversations on
collaborative news,” Norsworthy said.

Following the JED Fellowship, Norsworthy will be back in
Athens co-editing a digital book on media leadership based on the six seasons
of interviews from The Lead podcast. The book will be published by Kendall-Hunt
in 2020.