Club spotlight: Talking Dog

Club spotlight: Talking Dog

January 16, 2019

This club spotlight was written by Bobbi Miller, Talking Dog’s public relations director.

In our second year as a joint advertising and public relations agency, Talking Dog is continuing to push the boundaries of creative and effective branding for clients, both local and national. Our agency is comprised of 62 of the brightest students at Grady, that include representatives from all Grady majors and also other majors like communications, graphic design and digital marketing.

The University of Georgia is breaking new ground in various fields of research and our Fetch team is following suit. Fetch is a team comprised of 7-10 researchers who are assigned to each of our client teams. For the duration of the year, the Fetch team conducts research within one of the most elusive groups in the market: millennials. This age group is the largest generation since the baby boomers and the patterns and buying behaviors that they exhibit are of great value to businesses today. Through various research methods, like surveys and focus groups, the Fetch team collects insights that help their client teams with branding strategies. In addition to helping client teams, the members of the Fetch team are compiling a cohesive bank of important research regarding millennials. 

“Talking Dog has been a invaluable experience. The fact that I’m gaining skills in a agency doing real work, for real clients is something that I know will make me stand out to future employers.”

— Cori Lowenstein, Project Manager, Advertising, Class of 2020

The Coca-Cola team went to visit the Coca-Cola headquarters for their first client visit. They toured the facilities, met with executives and received their creative briefing on what Coca-Cola is looking for from the team. 

Our teams have created content for clients including Marti’s at Midday, Athens Bagel Co. and Porsche Driving School. In their work, client teams have done logo redesign, website creation and even full out campaigns that include social media marketing, event planning and graphics. Every year, our clients get better and better and we’re proud to announce that we currently have client teams working with companies like Luckie & Co – Marketing Agency and Coca-Cola.

“Talking Dog is where I gained my first first agency experience ever and where I learned to have confidence in my abilities and strengths. I have also gained the opportunity to meet and befriend so many talented, amazing people. Having the opportunity to gain industry experience while cultivating long-lasting friendships is an experience unlike any other. I am so glad that I chose to be involved with Talking Dog.”

– Maya Jones, Director of Fetch, Public Relations, Class of 2019

Within our agency, public relations and advertising majors work in tandem to create incredible
campaigns. Our clients have found it to be extremely beneficial to work with a team that brings
the best of both majors together. We strive ourselves on continuing to bring the best and
brightest together to take client work to the next level.

We are extremely excited for our clients, our teams, and the work that is being done within the agency.

For more information about Talking Dog, visit the Talking Dog website, or follow Talking Dog on Twitter (@talkingdoguga) and Instagram (@talkingdogagency).