Bulldog 100 interview: Harold Hayes Jr.

Bulldog 100 interview: Harold Hayes Jr.

January 25, 2019
Dayne Youngdayne@uga.edu

We are honoring our Grady College alumni included in the 2019 Bulldog 100.

Bulldog 100 celebrates the 100 fastest growing businesses owned or operated by UGA alumni.

We interviewed honorees about their experience, advice and expertise for the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

Harold Hayes Jr. (ABJ ’ 01) is co-founder and producer of SunnyBoy Entertainment. He is being honored with Craig Phillips (ABJ ’01), co-founder and creative director for SunnyBoy Entertainment.

What is the greatest piece of advice you received from a professor or staff member while at Grady?

HH: I remember professor Barry Sherman writing two words on the chalkboard that rightly changed my perspective into the endeavor ahead.  The two words were: “Show Business.”  That is the profession we were entering, a profession that entertains successfully only if the business portion is solidly executed.  It was the first lesson of of his Entertainment Law course and one that I remember every day while being and entrepreneur in the field of content media.

What is the most important skill an entrepreneur must master?

HH: I believe the most important skill as an entrepreneur is to be ready to strike and seek out opportunities to make earnest connections wherever they present themselves.  Some of my best connections in my career are a result of attending a non-industry event or cold calling someone I thought I’d never be able to gain a connection.

Bulldog 100 honorees will be celebrated with a ceremony in Atlanta on Jan. 27.

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