‘Another Angle’ accentuates the positive

‘Another Angle’ accentuates the positive

May 13, 2019
Sarah Freemanfreemans@uga.edu

Preparing students for the real world of journalism often includes assignments of breaking news, or stories of conflict and strife. Seldom is there time to cover the positive side of news, but for a group of Grady College students, they are making the time by volunteering to cover another angle.

“Another Angle” is a broadcast that showcases the people and places of Athens-Clarke County and provides students an opportunity to stretch their reporting creativity through more upbeat and positive features than is traditionally found in a news format.

The news magazine broadcast is produced by a volunteer group of 15 to 20 students and includes features ranging from profiles of a dancing garbage man and Tyche’s, a role-playing game store in Athens, to football players supporting a local non-profit and an entire episode saluting the music scene in Athens.

“I love the production skills involved with positive news,” said Sam Daniel, who created the vision of ‘Another Angle’ and serves as one of the show’s co-executive producers. “Each episode has been a learning experience.”

Daniel, a third-year journalism student, was inspired by the second and third hours of the “TODAY Show,” a program with which he says he is obsessed and that he will be an intern for this summer.

Daniel pitched the idea to Dodie Cantrell, a journalism instructor and producer of Grady Newsource, a half-hour news program. After a little coaxing, Cantrell became a supporter of the project and a mentor to Daniel as he put the show together. With Cantrell’s blessing, Daniel recruited volunteers, some of whom were already involved with Grady Newsource, and some who were beginning their broadcast education as a way to get plugged in before the capstone Newsource course.

While Daniel manages the staff and decides which stories will air, Brittany Carter, journalism master’s student, serves as the other co-executive producer and writes the content.

Using the platform as a way to learn and be creative are the reasons that Carter is involved with the show.

Sam Daniel provides direction to Sara Bertolini during the filming of “The Music of Athens” episode.

“We try to break the boring mold of the news, while following the basic tenants of journalism,” Carter said. “I hope it is strengthening the community to have all positive news.”

Lucia Vereen, a fourth-year EMST student who serves as a production manager, also appreciates the freedom of the feature stories reported in “Another Angle.”

“’Another Angle’ allows us the flexibility to do stories that are more fun,” Vereen said. “The platform encourages us to try something new. Plus, I have learned a lot about Athens.”

Jenna Maddox, a third-year journalism major, likes the fact that it is a smaller group involved with this production versus other student productions. “Since there aren’t as many people involved, it makes the duties and responsibilities more important.”

“Another Angle” produced four shows during the spring semester, with plans for more episodes next fall.