2022 in Review: College Headlines

2022 in Review: College Headlines

December 23, 2022
Jackson SchroederJackson.Schroeder@uga.edu

Editor’s Note: This is part of our six-part series highlighting stories produced by Grady College in 2022. The features include stories in each of the following subjects:

  • Student Successes
  • Faculty Honors
  • College Headlines
  • Research & Expertise
  • Service & Partnerships
  • Alumni Spotlight

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but instead highlight a sample of just a few of the hundreds of stories about accomplishments by our students, faculty/staff and alumni. We invite you to visit our Grady College News page for a full list of features posted in 2022.

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Grady College is constantly growing and improving to better serve our students and greater Grady College community. Here are a few college headlines of note from 2022: 

Cox Institute launched a new Certificate in News Literacy: In fall of 2022, the Cox Institute for Journalism Innovation, Management and Leadership at Grady College started a new academic certificate program in news literacy. The four-course certificate program, which is open to all majors at the University of Georgia, is designed to teach students the functions of the news media, journalistic responsibility and ethics and prepare them with insights and tools for identifying misinformation and falsehoods increasingly found in our media marketplace. Grady College also published a podcast episode that further explains the Certificate in News Literacy. 

Grady lawn was renovated and renamed Schnitzer Family Media Lawn: Over the summer, Grady College’s lawn was improved, expanded upon and renamed, thanks to a generous donation from the Schnitzer family, celebrating Lauren Schnitzer (AB ’21), who graduated last year with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. The new lawn, which features an ADA accessible pathway, an outdoor classroom and much more, was celebrated on Friday, September 23.  

UGA MFA Film program enriches its story: Over the summer, the first cohort of MFA Film students graduated. Just a few months later, the program partnered with the new Athena Studios and gained a 14,600-square-foot, state-of-the-art student studio and production space less than five miles from the UGA campus.