Glen Caruso

Part-time faculty, Advertising & Public Relations


Glen Caruso thrives in the world of Generative AI, modern marketing, and marketing technology. With a distinguished career spanning leadership roles at industry giants like Adobe, Oracle, and Microsoft he has orchestrated groundbreaking martech initiatives with partners such as Citigroup, MetLife, Coca-Cola, Verizon, and TD Ameritrade. 
In 2022, Glen founded The Digital Curators, a cutting-edge consultancy at the forefront of GenAI in marketing, empowering brands to optimize marketing strategies for immediate ROI and long-term adaptability. 
As an educator at The University of Georgia's Grady School, Glen offers practical insights in his course, "How to Get a Job in AI-Driven Marketing," featuring guest lectures from industry leaders. He also uses his professional network to help aspiring marketing professionals find rewarding and well-paying positions in brand marketing, advertising agencies, marketing consultancies, and marketing technology companies. His goal is to help students secure positions that will provide them with purpose, satisfaction, and a strong career trajectory. 
As a sought-after speaker, he shares his expertise at prestigious forums and serves on the Executive Advisory Council of Chief Marketing Officers for the American Marketing Association. Residing in Lake Lure, North Carolina, Glen enjoys the company of his family, bringing a diverse skill set, including a memorable stint as a standup comedian.