Glen Nowak

Director of Center for Health & Risk Communication, Professor, Advertising

About: Nowak is responsible for developing and managing the College’s new Center for Health and Risk Communication, which seeks to foster an interdisciplinary approach to health and risk-related Communication projects, including interventions, campaigns, messaging and messages, news media and provider-patient communication.

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Dr. Nowak received his B.S. in 1982 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with majors in both economics and communications. He continued his studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he subsequently earned an M.A. degree in journalism (1987) and a Ph.D. in the field of mass communications (1990).


Glen Nowak is a Professor of Advertising and Public Relations and director of the Grady College’s Center for Health and Risk Communication. Prior to joining the Grady faculty in January 2013, he worked 14 years at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He spent six years as director of media relations at CDC and six years as communications director for CDC’s National Immunization Program. He has experience in managing and implementing health and risk communications programs, media relations, health information campaigns and social marketing. Prior to joining CDC in January 1999, Dr. Nowak was an associate professor of advertising and communication at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. At Georgia, Dr. Nowak taught undergraduate and graduate courses in principles of advertising, communication and advertising research, communication and advertising management, social marketing, and health communications. In the course of his career, Dr. Nowak has authored or co-authored a number of peer-reviewed journal articles on communications practices, social marketing, and health communications, and conducted numerous workshops and trainings on health communication, social marketing, risk communication and media relations.

News Media Portrayal of HPV Vaccine Before Its First Implementation in China Yan Jin and Glen Nowak

Abstract: News media stories and content can influence people’s understanding of vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases, including making them more knowledgeable about the need for a recommended vaccination and more willing to receive it (Perez, Fedoruk, et al., 2016). China is one of the most recent countries to license and develop HPV vaccine recommendations. In […]

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Infectious Disease Risk Communication Glen Nowak

Abstract: In the past 18 months, little known infectious diseases – Ebola, Dengue fever, and Zika — have infected Americans and quickly generated much national and local media and public interest. Many government agencies, state and local health departments, and private healthcare providers have had to quickly undertake emergency risk communication, while others have had […]

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Parents’ Confidence in Recommended Childhood Vaccinations Glen Nowak and Michael Cacciatore

Abstract: There has been significant and growing interest in vaccine hesitancy and confidence in the United States as well as across the globe. While studies have used confidence measures, few studies have provided in-depth assessments and no studies have assessed parents’ confidence in vaccines in relationship to other frequently recommended health-related products for young children. […]

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The Spread of Zika Twitter Conversation Itai Himelboim, Glen Nowak & Yan Jin

Presentation Slides:

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Inseparable Duos Yen-I Lee, Yan Jin & Glen Nowak

Abstract: This study examined the effects of message framing and presentation in flu vaccine public service advertisements (PSAs) using a 2 (gain vs. loss) x 2 (image-based vs. text only presentation) between-subject experiment with a sample of U.S. college students (N = 122). The findings indicated that flu vaccine PSAs that utilized a gain-framed image-based […]

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Disease outbreak and public opinion Michael Cacciatore, Glen Nowak & Nathaniel J. Evans

Abstract: To many, the 2014-15 measles outbreak was a sobering reminder of the dangers of delaying and declining childhood vaccinations. The outbreak, which originated at a theme park in California, has been linked to more than 140 cases of measles, with the majority of those cases among people who had either not been vaccinated or had […]

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FRANK (scholar) Glen Nowak

Frank (scholar) is a one-day academic conference at the University of Florida. Thirty top scholars/researchers from various academic disciplines have been invited to this conference to focus on advancing the field of public interest communication.  The goals include building public interest communication as an academic field and fostering collaborations between researchers and practitioners. More information can […]

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Exploring the Impact of the U.S. Measles Outbreak on Parental Awareness and Support for Vaccination Michael Cacciatore, Glen Nowak & Nathaniel J. Evans

Cacciatore, M. A., Nowak, G., & Evans, N. (Forthcoming). Exploring the impact of the US measles outbreak on parental awareness and support for vaccinations. Health Affairs. Abstract: Despite consensus among health officials that childhood immunizations are a safe and effective means of protecting people from disease, there remains parent vaccine hesitancy. This hesitancy has been linked to lack of confidence in recommendedvaccinations as well as vaccine delay and refusal. Using a pair of national surveys of parents of children 5 […]

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Nowak, Glen
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