UGA AMAZING STUDENT: Journalism and international affairs major Aaron Conley

UGA Amazing Student: Journalism and international affairs major Aaron Conley

The following are excerpts from an interview Aaron Conley conducted when he was chosen as a UGA Amazing Student. The complete interview can be viewed on the University of Georgia website.

Journalism and international affairs major Aaron Conley chose to attend UGA because of the research opportunities and has been involved in CURO ever since. Along with excelling in the classroom, he’s worked with three service organizations and had the opportunity to study in Italy.

“Having grown up in Athens, I was originally hesitant about going to school in my hometown,” said Conley. “Ultimately, I knew that UGA was the right choice for me because of the opportunity that the CURO Honors Scholarship provided me. I learned very early on in my time at UGA that my worries were unfounded, and that I would be able to have the greatest college experience possible here.”

In addition to his studies and CURO, Conley has also been involved with Phi Beta Kappa, the Classics Department Rome Program, UGA HEROs, Habitat for Humanity and Action Ministries.

In the interview, Conley cites journalism professor Barry Hollander as one of his favorite professors.

“Over the course of my time at UGA, I have been able to take classes from so many amazing professors,” Conley said. “If I had to choose, I would pick Barry Hollander, who has also been my research mentor throughout my entire undergraduate career. He encouraged me to pursue a topic that I was passionate about, even though it was very different from his own research, and supported and guided me every step of the way throughout its development.”

Conley plans to attend law school following graduation.

Aaron Conley complete interview.

Date: November 22, 2016