Emily Giambalvo

UGA Amazing Student: Emily Giambalvo

Emily Giambalvo, a Ramsey Honors Scholar, started in sports journalism at The Red & Black on a whim. It led to nearly 300 stories, multiple awards and the opportunity to cover the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro for The Associated Press

Giambalvo names Vicki Michaelis, director of the Grady Sports Media certificate program, as her favorite professor.

“She’s always willing to help, whether it’s editing a Paralympics story with me at midnight in Brazil or answering questions when she happened to walk by me in the MLC while I was writing,” Giambalvo said. “Professor Michaelis offers both encouragement and criticism, and every one of her assignments has the purpose of steering students toward success in the real world. Each time I leave her class or her office, I feel excited to be a journalist.”

In her profile, Giambalvo also reflects on how her time at The Red & Black has shaped her. “During my first week of freshman year, I attended an information session at The Red & Black on a whim. I thought it might be an enjoyable hobby for a semester or two. Three years later, I still haven’t left the student-run newspaper and have written close to 300 stories.”

Read more about Giambalvo at www.uga.edu/amazing/profile/giambalvo-emily.

Date: March 2, 2017