Graphics students exhibit work as part of Special Collections Libraries exhibit

While many class assignments are never seen by anyone other than the class students and the professor, students in Kristen Smith’s Advanced Graphic Communication class have a different experience. Their posters were selected to be displayed as part of the Richard B. Russell Special Collections Library’s exhibit, “Wrestling Temptation: The Quest to Control Alcohol in Georgia.”

The six posters were created to express themes, attitudes and morals of the use and abuse of alcohol in Georgia from 1733 until the present. The students incorporated visuals and ideas researched through the library archives.

This is the second project one of Smith’s classes has created in collaboration with the Special Collections Libraries since she served as a Special Collections Libraries Faculty Fellow. Smith’s graphics students last fall created posters for the exhibit, “Designing History: Posters Exploring Twentieth Century Design Styles & the UGA Special Collections Libraries Archives.” 

Student designers and their works include:

                Bradley Barker — “Made Silly for a Little Rum Punch”

                Elizabeth Bonnie — “Drinker’s Progress”

                Marisa Stout — “Judge Marcus Wayland Beck”

                Shannon Roberts — “The Noble Farce”

                Heather Hardy — “Statewide Prohibition in Georgia”

The posters can be viewed in the Russell Library Gallery until September 2018.

  • Grady College students have their posters on display at the Special Collections Libraries until September 2018.