Public Relations student Mohammed Kredan receives Grady College George M. Abney Honors Award

Mohammed Kredan, a public relations and international affairs double major from Johns Creek, Georgia, is the recipient of the 2016-2017 George M. Abney Honors Award from Grady College.

The award is presented annually to a senior student within Grady College who has achieved the most impressive record from the Honors Program.

Professor Abney (ABJ ’51, MA ’59) served as Grady College’s Director of Undergraduate Services and Honors Advisor from 1957 to 1993. Over those nearly 40 years, his efforts were essential to improving and promoting the Honors Program.

Despite Kredan’s impressive academic record, he insists that he is “a very poor traditional studier,” and instead, learns material through other means. Kredan always attends class and participates. He prefers to work in groups and talk out complex issues, or to teach others difficult concepts, which in turn helps him study.

Kredan is currently in the middle of the job search, though he has both agency and government communications experience through internships at places like Sweetwater Brewing Company and at Powell Tate, a public relations agency in Washington, D.C. He is considering attending law school in the future and aspires to see the country and live in other cities.

In addition to keeping up with his studies, Kredan served as co-captain of a Mock Trial team of ten students, and earned an Opening Round Championship bid in 2017.