Register now for Speakers Bureau

Visit the Speakers Bureau registration form to tell us about your interests.

Reassurance, encouragement, advice and support are what our students are most in need of right now and one way alumni and friends can help is by getting involved through our Speakers Bureau.

Grady College has created a Speakers Bureau and is asking alumni and friends to register to be matched to talk with groups of students virtually. Opportunities exist to address industry-specific clubs, classes and small groups.

“Our students really benefit from hearing from professionals who have paved the way before them and this is a great way for our alumni to give back,” said Diane Murray, director of alumni and outreach. “In addition to alumni, we have a lot of friends and parents of students who are in the industries we serve. We hope anyone who can provide experiential insight or advice will be willing to help.”

The registration form is brief and will provide a snap-shot of the applicant’s background so the college can best match skill sets with the needs of student groups.

Murray expects most of these conversations with students to take place via Zoom calls this academic year, and that local professionals could talk with students in person in 2021.

Questions? Email Diane Murray at