Miller Named Peabody Media Center Academic Director

The Peabody Media Center has appointed Taylor Cole Miller as academic director, where he will administer the scholarly initiatives of the center’s work along with Nate Kohn, professor and fellow academic director. Miller is an assistant professor in the Grady College with joint appointments in the Department of Entertainment & Media Studies and the New Media Institute. His position with the Peabody Media Center begins immediately.

One of Miller’s most recent projects is writing cultural histories about some of Norman Lear’s work.
One of Miller’s most recent projects is writing cultural histories about some of Norman Lear’s work.

“Taylor brings fresh energy and insight into the scholarly outreach arm of Peabody,” said Jeffrey P. Jones, executive director of Peabody. “His research areas align with where we need to go and want to be in the future.”

Miller teaches courses in media studies, broadcast histories, and digital/docu-series production. His research uses a cultural studies approach to analyze the TV industry, media distribution, and production cultures especially at their intersections with issues of gender and sexuality.

“As a broadcast historian who is also training a new generation of media makers to be critical thinkers, I am right where I’m supposed to be here at Peabody,” Miller said. “I think success in history is better marked by significance than popularity, and Peabody’s interest in recognizing stories that matter—even in the smallest of markets—directly connects to my interest in how television serves various publics.”

In his new role, Miller will serve as co-coordinator and liaison with the Media Center’s seven Fellows, will work with the Peabody Student Honor Board and the Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Award, and assist in the Peabody Digital Network and Peabody Archive.

Miller will also handle Media Center programming and production, including serving as primary interface with the Peabody Archive, housed in the University of Georgia’s special collections libraries. With the director and the communications team, he will help strategize, plan, and execute programming for the Peabody Digital Network, utilizing archival content as appropriate.

Miller received bachelor’s degrees in journalism and Spanish from the University of Kansas; a master’s degree in radio/TV/film from the University of Texas-Austin; and his doctorate in media and cultural studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to joining Grady College, he taught courses in television criticism, critical internet studies, and new media production at the University of Wisconsin, served as an editor for Mother Earth News, and worked as a jack-of-all-trades at an independent cable TV station.

Miller’s current work investigates the transgressive and queer potential of television syndication. Additionally, he has been working with Norman Lear and Louise Lasser to write cultural histories of Lear’s first-run syndicated serials “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” and “All That Glitters.” 

About Peabody Media Center

The Peabody Media Center is a scholarly research center and media production arm of the prestigious Peabody Awards. The Media Center creates public programming that spotlights the yearly award winners and finalists, as well as critical scholarly engagement that addresses today’s changing media industry landscape. Resources unique to the center include the Peabody Archive, part of the third largest collection of audiovisual materials in the United States, and the Peabody Academy, which focuses on inspiring storytellers of the future. Peabody Fellows are a distinguished group of television and media studies scholars from across the country who provide fresh perspectives and commentary on how and why stories matter and their impact on media, culture, and society.

The Peabody Media Center joins forces with FUSION and The Root to celebrate Black History Month

Series marking Media Center’s first industry programming partnership will bring together award-winning content and diverse voices to elevate important national issues

The Peabody Media Center, FUSION and The Root have launched a content partnership that will bring Peabody’s rich media archive together with FUSION’s diverse voices to explore issues of contemporary social importance. This endeavor marks the first industry collaboration for the Peabody Media Center, a scholarly outreach arm of the prestigious Peabody Awards based at the University of Georgia, since it was launched last November.

The first project produced under the Media Center’s new Peabody Spotlight programming banner, each episode in the Black History Month series revisits African-American history from several perspectives by drawing from the Peabody Archive, the third largest repository of audiovisual materials in the United States. Content from this and future Peabody Spotlight series, in keeping with the spirit of the Peabody Awards, will focus on significant societal issues as represented through the storytelling of Peabody winners and finalists, as well as 75 years of broadcasting’s best programming.

The series will be featured throughout February across the digital, social and OTT platforms of FUSION and The Root, the leading news and culture site for African-Americans, and will include contemporary Peabody-winning programming by some of the most creative storytellers working in television today.

The first installment, “Baltimore: Then & Now” uses archival content to show how the city has been a case study of race relations in America since the mid-1950s and how the city’s conversation about race has evolved over the years.

Future installments will look at the role of African-Americans from behind the lens, featuring conversations with documentarian Stanley Nelson and Henry Louis Gates Jr., the co-founder and chairman of The Root. Peabody continually recognizes stories and storytellers that address the issue of race in innovative, unexpected ways and will also examine a few examples of voices that are changing and continuing the conversation, including Key & Peele.

Baltimore: Then & Now from Peabody Awards on Vimeo.

Peabody launches Media Center

Peabody is launching The Media Center at Peabody, a scholarly research center and digital media production arm of the prestigious Peabody Awards. The announcement was made by Jeffrey Jones, executive director of the awards program and new center. The Media Center at Peabody is based at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Jones revealed the formation of The Media Center at an event last night in Los Angeles celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Peabody Awards attended by senior executives from the entertainment and media worlds. The evening also saluted the lifetime achievements of Norman Lear, a Peabody Award honoree, and featured a conversation between the television icon and producer Judd Apatow.

“The Media Center is a natural extension of what the Peabody Awards set out to do 75 years ago,” Jones stated. “It provides a platform for elevating the currency, conversation around, and impact of each year’s best stories in television, radio and digital media. It furthers our goal of becoming a year-round organization that demonstrates how and why Peabody-winning stories are influencing the national dialogue about pressing social issues.”

The Media Center’s three primary areas of focus are:

Peabody Programs

The Media Center at Peabody will engage in programming that outwardly extends the yearly awards winners, as well as critical scholarly engagement with the changing media industry landscape. The Media Center is in the process of launching the Peabody Digital Network, a new digital media production arm of Peabody. Through alliances with a variety of distribution outlets, the network will produce and circulate content that illuminates the social and political relevance of award-winning stories and guide public engagement with them. Additional program initiatives include podcasts with award-winning screenwriters, showrunners and producers; and panel discussions, symposia and conferences that link storytellers with groups working to address such issues.

Peabody Archive

Peabody is home to the third largest archive of audiovisual materials in the United States, housed in UGA’s Special Collections Libraries. Through books, films and digital media productions, The Media Center’s Cultural Memory Project will connect past and present—recovering vital voices from yesterday’s storytellers and inserting them into debates over issues of the day. The Cultural Memory Project focuses on what these stories can contribute to current social discourse, as well as how they can inform a reevaluation of what constitutes cultural memory of who and what we are as a nation.

Peabody Academy

The Media Center will partner with industry organizations and previous Peabody Award winners to engage aspiring screenwriters, producers and filmmakers through master classes, seminars, workshops, internships and other educational activities. The academy’s focus is connecting Peabody winners with the storytellers of the future, with an emphasis on telling stories with the power to engage and transform.

Jeffrey Jones, executive director of the awards program and professor and Lambdin Kay Chair in entertainment and media studies at the University of Georgia, will direct The Media Center’s work. He is joined by a distinguished group of television and media studies scholars from across the country who serve as the inaugural class of Peabody Fellow Scholars (2017-19):

Professor David Craig, University of Southern California

Professor Aymar Christian, Northwestern University

Professor Jonathan Gray, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Professor Amanda Lotz, University of Michigan

Professor Jason Mittell, Middlebury College

Professor Barbie Zelizer, University of Pennsylvania


Peabody is an organization dedicated to invigorating people through the power of stories. Founded in 1940, Peabody honors and extends conversation around stories that matter in television, radio and digital media through symposiums, screenings, podcasts and an annual awards ceremony considered to be among the most prestigious in the industry. Peabody gives awards for news, entertainment, documentaries, children’s programming, education, interactive programming and public service, which in turn encourage media to reach for and achieve the highest standards. Peabody is administered through the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. For more information, visit or follow @PeabodyAwards on Twitter.