With the new semester comes another SLAM, our end-of-semester celebration dedicated to showcasing incredible projects from New Media Certificate students. At SLAM, connect with industry folks, chat with passionate students, and get a glimpse of the exciting things the NMI has in store. We hope to see you there!
When? Saturday, December 11
What time? 12:30P
Where? The Delta Innovation Hub
RSVP today! bit.ly/SLAM_Fall2021

For more in-depth details regarding the SLAM schedule, hotel and parking accommodations, and contact information, read over our SLAM email invite: conta.cc/3bXDOBW

SLAM Showcase
We have started featuring New Media Certificate Capstone projects on LinkedIn. This is a new effort on our parts, so let us know your thoughts!
Read about Capstone projects: bit.ly/SLAM_Showcase


SLAM is the New Media Institute’s end-of-semester showcase that celebrates student projects and graduates. This celebration highlights how “technowledgeable” the students have become during their Emerging Media journey as a host of industry guests and NMI alumni join us for an afternoon of showcasing, networking, and reminiscing. During the booth showcase, students will walk-through the many facets of their project, allow attendees to engage with the product, and field any and all questions.

This event begins at 12:30 p.m.