‘Golden Isles at War’ screening with Kevin Maggiore (ABJ ’79)

In commemoration of Veterans Day, Grady College invites students and the community to join cinematographer Kevin Maggiore (ABJ ’79) for a screening of the award-winning documentary, The Golden Isles at War. Produced by Lance Toland of Milner, Georgia, the 1-hour documentary was awarded a Silver Telly and features interviews with Golden Isles area residents to chronicle the remarkable stories of Brunswick and the Golden Isles during World War II, from the sinking of the USS Oklahoma and the Esso Baton Rouge off St. Simons, to the building of 99 “Liberty Ships” in the Brunswick shipyards. Special guests will include citizens who worked on the Liberty Ships. Moderated by Professor Jay Hamilton, head of Grady’s Department of Entertainment and Media Studies, a discussion with Maggiore will follow the screening. All are welcome.

Film Screening: Booker T. Mattison’s ‘Bosniak’

Grady College assistant professor Booker T. Mattison is screening his film Bosniak. The production was a collaborative effort with many UGA faculty and staff.

Writer, Producer, Director: Booker T. Mattison

Editor: James Biddle

Editor: Stephen Bridges

Composer: Emily Koh

Original Music Producer: Walker Swain

Original Paintings/Translator: Hatidza Mulic

Bosniak summary:
Amir, a white Bosnian Muslim teenager, is forced to immigrate to America to live with his estranged father after his mother is killed by ISIS in his home country. Amir’s father wants him to assimilate and take advantage of the privilege of being white in the United States. However, Amir discovers that he has more in common with African-Americans than whites because of the discrimination he faces as a Muslim in America. Amir meets an African-American teen who shares his name. The two Amirs form an unlikely friendship and discover the value of peace and brotherhood.

UGA to host free screening of “Tickling Giants” film and Q&A with producer

A funny and heartbreaking new film about the “Egyptian Jon Stewart”, Bassem Youssef, “Tickling Giants” is coming to the University of Georgia for a special screening on Sunday, April 9, 1 p.m. at Tate Theater.

Admission is free and open to the public. However, tickets are required. For tickets, go to: https://ticklinggiants-uga.eventbrite.com/.

The showing is part of an international effort to spark dialogue about the abuse of power, free speech and how Muslims are treated.

“Tickling Giants” shows what happens when Youssef, an Egyptian heart surgeon, brings satire to Egypt during the Arab Spring. The film follows Youssef as he meets his hero, Jon Stewart, and as he gets in major trouble for jokes about religion and government.

The film is released at a time when countries around the globe are choosing more conservative leadership, according to a news release issued by the filmmakers. It is a cautionary tale about what can happen when those leaders go unchecked, the release noted.

“This case is ample proof that the U.S. by no means corners the market on political satire as television entertainment. Nor that the need for such a show exists only in the U.S.” said James Hamilton, head of the Department of Entertainment & Media Studies at Grady College.  “The fact that Youssef’s show attracts about 30 million viewers throughout the Middle East (compared to about 2 million during Jon Stewart’s run on ‘The Daily Show’) attests to his skill and smarts as well as to the resonance generally of the use of humor for political criticism. What is remarkable is the energy and commitment of Youssef and his crew to carry on despite strong national-government opposition.”

A Q&A with the film’s producer, Sara Taksler (currently senior producer of “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah”), will follow the screening.

The UGA showing is made possible by the Roosevelt Institute @ UGA, Grady College Department of Entertainment and Media Studies, the Peabody Awards and additional supporters across campus.

“Tickling Giants” is produced by Sarkasmos Productions LLC, in association with Technicolor. Learn more at http://www.TicklingGiants.com.