GSAB Profile: Ryan Carty

Ryan Carty (ABJ ’09) is an emerging talent recruiter for Meta. He has 12 years of experience that includes recruiting, university career services, diversity & inclusion, corporate relations, career coaching/counseling, college admissions counseling, and training and development.

Following is a brief interview with Carty.

Carty previously served as Director of Experiential Learning at Grady College. (Photo: Submitted)
Why are you involved with the GSAB?

I want to give back to Grady students because this college is responsible for a significant part of my educational, professional and personal development. It is my honor to continue the legacy of alumni who have also contributed to the success of Grady.

What advice do you have for today’s Grady College students?

I would tell them to be flexible with their career path and be open to new possibilities or opportunities they previously didn’t know were available. The world has so much to offer outside of a traditional career path and it may benefit you to explore!

What experience during your time at Grady College had the biggest influence on where you are today?

My time working at Grady College as the Director of Experiential Learning was my favorite college memory. With the help of Grady faculty and staff along with the UGA Career Center, we planned the largest-ever Grady Career Day which resulted in so many job and internship opportunities for students. That was easily my proudest moment and had the most influence on the trajectory of my career.

Carty was worked in career services for over a decade. (Photo: Submitted)
How has the network of fellow Grady College alumni helped you in your career?

Grady alumni have always been willing to connect with students for countless opportunities including mentorship, education, hiring, you name it! I’m so happy to see alumni giving back because none of us made it to where we are now alone, so it’s great to see our network helping each other.

How has your field changed from your graduation to now?

I started interning at truTV in college and thought I wanted to be a TV producer. After some internships and studies in entertainment, as well as doing a deep dive with the UGA Career Center to understand my career motivations more clearly, I pivoted to education. I became a career counselor for students seeking jobs in media, advertising and PR, and this was such a rewarding career. Eventually, I leveraged my transferrable skills and network to pursue a career in recruiting. 

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Six Winners of Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Awards announced

Annual honor recognizes innovative digital storytelling in multiple platforms; winners to be celebrated at NYC luncheon on May 19

The Peabody Media Center and the University of Georgia have named six winners of this year’s Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Awards for outstanding digital storytelling released in 2016. The programs use 3-D modeling, virtual reality, interactive websites, and video games to address stories covering a range of issues, from torture in prison and childhood cancer to transgender dating and identity.

In its second year, the award is the result of a partnership between Peabody and Facebook. The award is given to outstanding stories in digital spaces as judged by a group of 16 Peabody honor student fellows, under the guidance of the Peabody Awards program, based at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia.

Campbell Brown, head of news partnerships at Facebook, will host the Futures of Media Awards.

“This year’s winners push the boundaries of how digital storytelling can be done in extremely compelling and innovative ways,” said Jeffrey Jones, director of the Peabody Awards and Peabody Media Center. “It is exciting to see the new possibilities for bringing meaningful stories to light through the ever-changing affordances of digital technologies, and we are happy to recognize what we see as the best stories being told on these platforms.”

The winners will be celebrated at a luncheon on May 19 at Hotel Eventi in New York City. Campbell Brown, head of news partnerships at Facebook, will serve as host for the event, which will be streamed via Facebook Live.

Brown has nearly 20 years of experience in journalism, most recently as an award-winning anchor and correspondent for NBC News and CNN. At CNN, she anchored a weekday primetime news program from 2007-2010 focusing on politics. During her 11-year tenure with NBC, she co-anchored the weekend edition of “TODAY” from 2003-2007 and served as White House correspondent during President George W. Bush’s first term.

The 2016 Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Awards are (in alpha order by category):


“Doctors and Sex Abuse” (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Multimedia, creative graphics, and an intuitive interface explore an investigation into doctors and sexual abuse, setting a new standard for a traditional medium that is increasingly shifting into digital spaces.


“Saydnaya” (Amnesty International and Forensic Architecture)

Architectural and acoustic modeling provide an unprecedented look—and feel—inside an infamous torture prison in northern Syria while raising awareness in an attempt to end the brutal practice.

The inaugural "Peabody Facebook Futures of Media" awards were presented May 20, 2016, at the Paley Center. The awards, chosen by the Peabody Student Honor Board, recognized excellence in digital media storytelling. (Photo/Sarah E. Freeman/Grady College, in New York City, Georgia, on Friday, May 20, 2016)
The Futures of Media Awards are selected by the Peabody Student Honor Board, pictured here at last year’s ceremony.


“Phallaina” (Small Bang Studio, France Télévisions Nouvelles Ecritures, and Oikos Agency)

A unique interpretation of the graphic novel that seamlessly transfers an old art form into digital space through parallax scrolling, mind-bending panel transitions, and creative sound design.


“That Dragon, Cancer (Numinous Games)

The true, tragic story of a 4-year-old’s lifelong battle with the disease told in a beautifully poetic gameplay environment. Archival voice recordings and interactive exploration guide players through artful reinterpretations of real events for a lesson in empathy and strength.


“Pearl” (Google Spotlight Stories with Evil Eye Pictures)

Using innovative 360-degree format and animation, viewers are fully immersed into the heartwarming story—and theme song—of a father-daughter duo chasing their dreams as told from the perspective of their car.


“Her Story” (Speed of Joy)

An illuminating web series with narrative weight usually reserved for lengthier formats, “Her Story” follows two trans women navigating relationships and identity in Los Angeles. The result is in an important reframing of trans representation in media.

About Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Awards 

The Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Awards honor groundbreaking digital narratives and the technologies used to tell these stories. With a spirit of innovation at the core of both Peabody and Facebook, the organizations came together in 2015 to celebrate the most powerful narratives in an ever-changing digital landscape. Honorees are selected by the Peabody Student Honor Board and are deemed to have told a story that matters: a story that inspires empathy around the human condition, shapes our understanding of the world, transforms how we address important societal issues, and takes a chance with what it’s saying and how it’s told.

AdPR students visit tech industry giants during trip to Silicon Valley

AdPR students looking to enhance their education were selected for a three-day immersive experience in California’s Silicon Valley over winter break.

Through the new Grady College/ AdPR partnership with eBay and with the help of UGA alumna Suzy Deering (CMO of eBay), students were connected with a number of industry giants including eBay, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Imgur and Kiip. Students also toured the Verizon Innovation Center to see demonstrations of some of the latest technology innovations for communications. Program participants had their marketing, sales and tech industry questions answered by leading experts in the field.

Students had exclusive access to new technologies in beta testing from Verizon Innovations and Google. After experiencing facial recognition software at the Verizon Innovation Center and Tango in action at Google, senior advertising major Caroline Fowler said, “It was exciting to see the development of new technology and discuss how it is going to change the future of the advertising industry.”

The group was also introduced to the robust landscape of business in Silicon Valley and fostered connections with professionals in the field.

According to Brooke Montgomery of AOL, “The UGA students were extremely passionate about marketing and advertising. They asked extremely thoughtful industry-related questions.”

AdPR faculty also enjoyed watching their students develop a greater interest and awareness of the successes and challenges of a start-up business.

“You could tell immediately how invested the professors were in their students’ futures,” said Montgomery. “It was delightful to interact with faculty and hear about the extensive curriculum at UGA. All of the students were already so knowledgeable about virtual reality which was a pleasant surprise!”

Caroline Youngs, a senior advertising major, said her favorite aspect of the trip was learning about the new opportunities within the virtual and augmented reality space. She is specifically interested in the marketing of these new technologies.

“The networking opportunities provided by the university, and connections that were made as a result, were invaluable for us all,” said Youngs. “Hopefully there will be a future in Silicon Valley for some or all of the participants. It was an incredible educational experience and I am so thankful for the opportunity!”

The attentiveness, professionalism and enthusiasm of the students on this trip truly reflected the excellence of Grady students.